The New Developer's Guide to
Application Scalability

A Beginner-Friendly Intro to High-Performance Architectures
The New Developer's Guide to Application Scalability Book Cover
By Matt Eland

About this Book

The New Developer's Guide to Application Scalability is designed to give new developers and non-technical workers a deeper understanding of the concepts and concerns around growing modern web applications.

While there are a growing number of books out there on software architecture, few are aimed at helping beginners get up to basic competency. This book aims to change that.

The content is focused on high level concepts instead of any one particular language or hosting environment and is intended to be approachable and accessible to new and experienced developers alike.

Learning Goals

By the time you finish this book, you should:

  • Understand modern application architectures
  • Recognize common bottlenecks in application scalability
  • Know common ways to improve performance
  • Be able to discuss application scalability with others
  • Have a number of topics to investigate in more depth

Ideal Audience

This book is intended for a broad audience of beginner and Intermediate professionals including:

  • Students
  • New Developers
  • Intermediate Developers
  • Quality Assurance Professionals
  • Business Analysts
  • Managers and Executives

Chapter List

  1. Exploring Applications
  2. Addressing Performance Issues
  3. Scaling Servers
  4. Scaling Databases
  5. Scaling Web Services
  6. Scaling the Front-End
  7. Microservices
  8. Event-Driven Architectures
  9. Scalability and the Cloud

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